Who Are the Abusers?

Who Are the Abusers?

Abusers come from every walk of life.

They can be any colour, race, religion, sex, educational background, and of any socio-economic status. Warning signs for identifying abusers are: control­ling behaviour (calls you constantly, checks your phone, gets angry when you talk to the opposite sex), jeal­ousy, unfair expectations, isolation, possessiveness, blames you for eve­rything, has history of abuse, has rig­id views of sex roles and rushes into the relationship.)

Who are the Abused?

The abused can be any colour, race, religion, sex and of any socio-economic status. Often the abused have come from abusive homes and have an expectation of abuse in a relationship. 1 in 20 boys and 1 in 5 school girls report abuse in dating relationship by the time they graduate high school.

What Can You Do If You Are In An Abusive Relationship?

  1. Know that you are not to blame and you do not deserve to be treated this way.
  2. Tell a trusted adult and ask for Call FSN 284-540-2085
  3. End the relationship.
  4. Choose not to see or talk to the
  5. Change your phone number if necessary or screen your calls.
  6. Take threats seriously. Get pro­tection from the police

How to Help a Friend in an Abusive Relationship

  • Call FSN at 284-540-2085
  • Listen and let your friend know that you believe them, that you care and that there is help
  • Don’t rush into giving opinions or criticising
  • Let them know that dating abuse gets worse over time and that it will not go away on its own
  • Call the police or 911 if you witness your friend being assaulted

How to Help an Abuser

  • Tell your friend that their abusive behaviour is not okay
  • Explain that they need to take responsibility for their actions
  • • Let your friend know that they can get help. Call FSN at 284-540-2085
  • Do not just stand by and watch abuse take place. Call 284-499-0999 if you witness violence.

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