Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence?

There are a number of types of abuse that can occur in relationships that fall under the label of domestic violence. The easiest to recognize is physical abuse; however sexual and emotion­al,—often referred to as verbal or psychologi­cal abuse— is just as, possibly even more, dev­astating. All these forms of abuse have one thing in common — they are characterized by one person exerting power and control over another. It is important to remember that all human beings are created equal and that even seeing another human being as unequal can lead to acts of violence.

Three Common Forms of Domestic Violence

  • Physical Assault — Pushing, hitting, slap­ping, kicking, choking, beating up, attacking with a weapon or throwing objects at the victim.
  • Sexual Assault — Any type of forced sexu­al contact.
  • Emotional abuse — Name calling, humiliating or degrading the victim, exerting inappro­priate control over the victim’s life, isolat­ing the victim, threatening to harm the victim or the victim’s loved ones, destroy­ing favorite possessions or harming pets.

If this sounds familiar, please remember you are not alone. F5N is here to help.

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