About Us

The Family Support Network (FSN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) whose primary aim is to aid individuals, couples and families affected by domestic violence.

Our Mission

We work to strengthen individuals, couples and families through education that leads to prevention, support to those in crisis, and rehabilitation through counselling.

Our Vision

We envision the reduction, and ultimately the eradication, of domestic violence in the British Virgin Islands.

Our Aims

We aim to accomplish our Mission and Vision through the following strategic means:

  • By providing direct services on a free and confidential basis of primary and secondary victims of domestic violence.
  • By operating as a crisis intervention, referral and information agency for those affected by domestic violence.
  • By initiating public outreach efforts to raise community and government awareness and provide public education about domestic violence in the BVI, and the compounding factors leading to more frequent and greater acts of violence within the home, and the correlating evidence suggesting that violence in the home precedes violence in the streets.
  • By participating in collaborative efforts as an inter-agency partner to strengthen the support network and service provider response for victims of domestic violence in the BVI.
  • By encouraging both Government and non-government entities alike to support initiatives that provide the means for the BVI to be able to adhere to international treaties with which the BVI is a signatory through our affiliation with the UK as an Overseas Territor

Break The Silence

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